Trow Pump

Trow pump houseThis old pump was constructed in 1884 under the guidance of the sons of the Reverend Anderson-Morshead in order to bring water to the hamlet of Trow. Prior to that date, the hamlet had to fetch water from a spring over half a mile away and carry it in buckets to the cottages – not easy as it is all uphill and the hamlet was much more widely spread in those days.

Over several years it had to be deepened from 83 feet to over 126 feet and it was in use until 1915, when a conventional water supply was connected to a tap in the nearby lane.

The pump and its house fell into disrepair and after many years it became a concern and the SVA took an interest in it as a symbol of a previous time. In the sixties, the SVA repaired the whole building and renovated the pump. In 1984 the building was listed and in 2011 the SVA took ownership from the EDDC. The pump can be found at the head of the lane that leads to the remaining Trow Cottages.

Salcombe pump