This is an area of 1.5 acres of steep valley side in the Salcombe Regis valley.

It is currently being managed to increase its plant and tree diversity and encourage wildlife, insects and native flowers. It is hoped to encourage glow worms, fritillary butterflies, dormice and other rare creatures

An area of woodland adjacent to Combe Head Wood – 3.98 acres of steep sided deciduous woodland, through which are some permitted and public footpaths. It adjoins National Trust pine woodlands and is a popular walk to the cliffs at Salcombe Mouth.

This is an area of land consisting of 19.5 acres split into two fields and a small area of woodland. It is adjacent to the war memorial at Salcombe Regis. The meadow is currently leased to a farmer, although there is a public footpath along one side which gives the public access to it. It is hoped that the meadow will eventually contain many wildflowers and is being cut accordingly. The woodland is well known for its bluebells.